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  • Gastro Routes: Southeastern Türkiye

    In Türkiye, the cities that make the most of their names with their cuisine are in the Southeastern Anatolia region. It is the birthplace of exquisite tastes like raw meatballs, stuffed meatballs, Ali Nazik, Adana and Urfa kebabs that you can find all around the country! The region's rich cuisine has spread throughout Türkiye, earning a place on every home's plate. You will feel hungry as you look at our selection of gastro routes in Southeastern Türkiye. Time to journey into the land of meat, spices and sugar!

    1- Gaziantep Cuisine

    Gaziantep cuisine occupies a unique position among Turkish and world cuisines. With its distinct flavours, Gaziantep cuisine is indispensable to many, especially those who love meat-based dishes. Spices, tomato paste, sauces, and other mixes used in meals have helped Gaziantep foods and desserts gain popularity and become a sought-after taste! Among the most loved flavours, there are Beyran soup, Simit kebab, Ali Nazik, Antep lahmacun and the famous dessert baklava! This flavour also includes the enticing scent and tempting taste of herbal and animal delicacies made under the province's finest natural conditions. Without a doubt, you'll have a lifetime gastronomy experience in Gaziantep.

    Once you've tasted all these wonderful delicacies, time to explore the other things offered by Gaziantep!

    2- Diyarbakır Cuisine

    Diyarbakır's profound cultural background is mirrored in its cuisine, which is equally as rich. This route's cuisine generally consists of spicy and oily tastes with mesmerizing effects. Meat plays a significant role in this route's traditional cuisine. Meftune, a braised lamb dish, is famed as the most popular meaty food in Diyarbakır. It's served with lots of spice and sauce that will undoubtedly blow your mind! Among the other must-try flavours, Pıçık steps forward. It's prepared with bulgur, garlic, yoğurt and butter ingredients. Since it's a meatless recipe, vegetarians might as well taste it with peace of mind!

    3- Mardin Cuisine

    With its deep-rooted history, Mardin, where many cultures, faiths, and languages collide, the gastronomic culture reflects this blend perfectly. Because it is located along the ancient Silk Road, it features a cuisine rich in spices. Cinnamon, coriander, mahaleb, ginger, allspice, chilli pepper, and cardamom are commonly used in meals and desserts. Mardin also introduces you to dishes where fruit and meat are cooked together! In Mardin province, among the most preferred meals, there are kaburga dolması (stuffed lamb ribs), frikiye, ikbebet, çiğ köfte (spicy raw meatballs) and onion kebab.

    To learn more about the cradle of civilizations and the city of tolerance, Mardin, this is your address!

    4- Adıyaman Cuisine

    Adıyaman cuisine, which stands out with its unique flavours, is one of the indispensable routes of Southeastern cuisine. The tastes of Adıyaman consist widely of meat, vegetables, wheat and legumes. Though çiğ köfte (raw spicy meatballs) is also made in different regions of Türkiye, Adıyaman is the original home of this famous taste! If you haven't tried çiğ köfte yet, you're not living this life properly! Meyir soup, Adıyaman tava, parmak kebab dramatically adds to this route's richness. A variety of salads like bostana and sauces like dövmeç also accompany them. Those who experience these tastes just for once won't be able to think of anything else but try them again!

    5- Şanlıurfa Cuisine

    Aside from its numerous tastes, the nutritional quality of the native foods in Şanlıurfa is also very healthy. In addition to their culinary skills, Anatolians have a custom of sharing their meals with friends and visitors as a token of goodwill. The local cuisine includes kebabs and pilav, numerous meatballs, meals with vegetables and meat, an abundance of greens, and a refreshing ayran to refresh you! Isot and pomegranate syrup are two main spice ingredients that give Şanlıurfa meals their distinctive flavour. To count these traditional delicacies, especially Urfa kebab, eggplant kebab, borani, bostana, and ayran soup, are among the dishes that should be tried!

    Discover more about the cuisine of Şanlıurfa by following the link here!

    6- Siirt Cuisine

    Siirt cuisine shines out in this gastro route for being a meeting point of many Mesopotamian civilizations, offering a distinct and diverse taste. Among the most famous dishes of Siirt cuisine, Büryan kebab stands out with its unforgettable taste! You will feel splendid with a traditional pide and a cold, sparkling Ayran! In addition to that, pot meals are also trendy, and Siirt cuisine includes meat, vegetables, and legumes on its menu. You shouldn't leave Siirt without trying the famous walnut sausage grape and indispensable Siirt pistachio!

    7- Batman Cuisine

    The impact of Southeastern gastro culture is also felt in Batman. Damascus pastry, filled mumbar, perde pilavı, tandır bread, ayran soup, rake, stuffed meatballs, stuffed ribs, and stuffed dry proudly take their place among Batman's most irresistible tastes! Perde pilavı is one of Batman's most renowned foods. Rice, chicken, spices, currants, and almonds are all included in the pilav's core ingredient. This dish is readily available in various restaurants across the city.

    Remember to check out the link on places to visit in Batman for historical landmarks, natural scenery, and other good vibes!

    8- Kilis Cuisine

    In Kilis, where you'll be a guest of some of the most delectable recipes from Southeastern Anatolia, you will experience a wide range of tastes. Kilis pan and Oruk kebab, coming from the region's heart, will captivate you. The excellent taste combination of red meat and bulgur is used in many recipes in Kilis. Numerous veggies, olive oil, spices, and greenery from the region also play a significant role in the gastro route you're about to take. Kilis tava, being one of the most indispensable flavours, is prepared with minced meat and reaches its perfect form by adding vegetables and spices. Kilis tava will be the first thing to come to mind when you think back about Kilis.

    9- Şırnak Cuisine

    You will discover delicious meals that are difficult to prepare in Şırnak, but the taste is worth it. This province varies from the other areas due to the types of animals grown in the region. Locals and visitors to Şırnak enjoy meaty meals and rice and desserts prepared with great care. Among the famous dishes, Hekeheşandi is made with lean pilav, kneaded minced beef, and egg and is served with a distinct flavour to your tables! After that, you can sweeten your day with a Kuliçe, a great taste made with walnuts, apples and eggs. Lastly, you should taste the famous Mumbar, an incredible delicacy made with cattle offals. You'll leave Şırnak with a full and happy belly!