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  • Turkaegean Experiences in the Coast of Happiness

    Bodrum guarantees a warm welcome for all visitors, going above and beyond to cater for all seeking to enjoy the taste of its luscious fruits.

    Whether in İstanbul, London, Berlin, or beyond, the name “Bodrum” is whispered as a byword for luxury, respite, and an escape from the chaos of daily life. With its sun-kissed beaches, secret coves, and lush landscape – not to mention its dazzling high-end resorts and premium shopping experiences – this idyllic peninsula has cast an enchanting smile across the face of visitors since it staked its claim as Türkiye’s own slice of heaven on earth more than half a century ago.

    Although the area has seen a constant rise in interest since the advent of tourism in the last century, Bodrum’s history is vast to a point one can barely conceive. Some of the area’s most notable sites include the town’s iconic Bodrum Castle, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, and stunning 4th-century theatre that hosts musical acts throughout the summer – the routes and trails between which, now lined with Aegean hallmarks, such as white-painted homes, tangerines trees, bougainvillaea, and sun-soaked skies.

    Today, the region is home to an increasing number of world-beating resorts designed by international hotel gurus and residential communities attracting a globe-trotting clientele proud to call the Bodrum Peninsula their home. For those who want to truly indulge and release the strains of modern life, some of the world’s finest spa experiences are on hand with top-notch facilities offering Turkish bath treatments, as well as holistic therapies and yoga surrounded by some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery.

    Needless to say, the area sees the daily arrival of yacht-owners and sailing enthusiasts berthing to enjoy the respite of its deluxe marina services, offering fine dining, fancy bars, and clubs, as well as a wealth of designer stores and art galleries. Gulets, the native wooden sailing yachts, leave port regularly to invite visitors to explore otherwise inaccessible coves and islands in majestic comfort daily.

    Speaking of culinary delights, after enjoying a range of uplifting leisure activities, one is bound to seek out some of the area’s wide array of dining options. While small local fish restaurants line the seafronts of every town in the area, 5-star resorts are replete with the summer residencies of the country’s biggest chefs and hot international restaurant brands offering the upper crust of fine dining in the most sumptuous of settings.

    Whether in a vast vineyard, or a luxury coastal hangout, Bodrum’s sunsets provide an exhilarating backdrop to any evening meal. Locally sourced seafood freshly brought from net-to-plate is highly recommended, sided by refreshing Aegean-style appetizers – known as “meze.” All of this will undoubtedly go down well with a refreshing glass of rakı – a traditional anise liquor – or Turkish wine produced with local grapes.

    After that, the night is yours – with a choice of luxury clubs keeping the tempo lively with signature cocktails and live sets by world-famous DJs on offer throughout the night. 

    Not to miss:

    - See Türkiye’s most elegant sailing yachts compete at the annual Bodrum Cup, in which the country’s sailing hub hails the arrival of seafarers from far and wide.

    - Dine at the Bodrum branches of some of the world’s most famous restaurants, before dancing the night away at a posh nightclub.

    - Catch a hot, live concert bringing big local names to Bodrum Marina.

    - Discover holiday and cruise collections of prominent French and Italian fashion houses, specifically designed to be sold in high-end boutiques of Bodrum.