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  • Heavenly Turkaegean Experience along the Coast of Happiness

    Aegean crystal-clear waters, pristine nature, secluded bays, enchanting products and genuinely welcoming people… The Aegean region of Türkiye offers an exquisite fusion of classical history, natural beauty and unique experiences.

    On this legendary coastline, UNESCO World Heritage Sites overlook small towns and picturesque bays, traditional gullets sail between coves and islands, and villagers still practice age-old artisanal crafts. It’s time to discover the Turkaegean way of life greeting you with the sumptuous heritage of thousands of years.

    With quiet coves, turquoise waters and lush green, nature here rewards every human being. From stunning accommodation options to refined delicacies, superb historical heritage and astonishing experiences, the region promises a life well lived.

    Accommodation at its best

    Aegean region of Türkiye offers a variety of accommodation options including restored old stone houses and mansions as well as secluded resorts and boutique hotels located at the very heart of nature combining shades of blue and green. Largely inspired by the treasures of the Aegean, these peaceful accommodation facilities offer all you can ask for. Beautiful landscapes will accompany you throughout your stay: Book a heavenly hotel on a hillside overlooking the shimmering Aegean Sea or a peaceful and stylish vineyard retreat with distinctive guest houses and rooms, each commanding views over the region’s most idyllic vineyards.

    Fully equipped rooms or free-standing guest pavilions with full-height glass sliding doors and balconies, well-groomed gardens, private infinity pools and patios are the basics of these luxurious lodgings. Outside dining tables and large day beds provide a comfortable outdoor rest.

    Take your time to catch up with the latest artworks or just surrender yourself to soothing hands –some hotels host seasonal exhibitions of contemporary artists from various disciplines and some of them have the most impressive and intimate spa and thalassotherapy packages. You may also opt for personal training or group activities to relax and rebalance your mind, body and spirit. Keep your body and soul active in a setting with a wonderful sea view and state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

    After the workout, you can boost your energy level with fresh-squeezed fruit juices or fantastic culinary specialities.

    Fantastic colours and tastes

    Here, the generous Mother Earth provides delicious fruits and vegetables, as the climate and soil are suitable for growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Also, olive tree cultivation and olive oil production are prevalent all over the region. The olive tree is the source of much good, appealing both the tastebuds and the eye: Olives can be pickled or salted for delicious brunches or apéro tables, olive leaves are used to make herbal tea, dry branches are converted into objects that bring a rustic air to tables, and the olive oil is used for healing besides cooking and dressing on these lands. Stroll through the olive groves to admire the beauty of soil crowned by silvery-green olive leaves, smell and taste the freshly squeezed extra-virgin olive oil.

    Another product of the region that has been around for thousands of years is wine. Today, Turkish winemakers produce wine with their valuable wisdom and significant experience. You can take the impressive wine route to admire stunning views, do some wine tasting at beautiful vineyards, and pair these wines with local delicacies.

    Known for olive oil dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables and seafood, Aegean cuisine invites you to a special dining adventure full of unique tastes.

    Custom-made experiences

    You may visit small villages famous for their pottery artisans and their distinctive red clay, have a private demonstration of local talents and a hands-on pottery workshop.

    Some villages showcase their hundred years old traditions of carpet weaving. Home to unique artisan patterns and top-notch quality, the region is just perfect to explore small, authentic villages to witness the traditional process of spinning, dying and weaving and admiring a fine collection of rugs and carpets. The intact villages also take you through a gastronomical journey adorned with rustic farm meals.

    As for sea journeys, tailormade blue voyage experiences range from week-long excursions to island-hopping picnics and romantic sunset cruises –aboard motor yachts for those who are in a hurry and sailing boats for those who love to take their time downwind. Fully enjoy your holiday at beautiful shores combining shades of blue and green –as the turquoise Aegean laps fine sand or pebble beaches, and ancient pine forests scent the air.

    Don’t miss the chance to stop by the Knidos ancient city. The harbours of the ancient city are now favourite anchorages for day-cruise yachts and sailboats stopping for lunch, swimming, and a visit to millennia city ruins. The Turkaegean experience is a combination of history and natural beauty.

    History just for you

    Ancient ruins of the region are like an open-air museum, tracing the journey of humankind. UNESCO World Heritage historical sites such as Ephesus, Pergamum, Priene, Miletus, Didyma, Aphrodisias, Laodicea, Pamukkale and Hierapolis lie within a few hours’ drive from main town centres.

    Walk in the footsteps of different civilisations and be impressed by the multi-layered cultural structure of the region which is intertwined all along the way with the present one. The region is the region where the sun’s rays nourish the olive groves finding their roots among millennia of shiny marble. Take a scenic break along the way for a delectable picnic accompanied

    The Turkaegean way of life

    Understanding the Turkaegean way of life would mean enjoying every moment and allowing yourself to be inspired by every little thing whether it is the texture of a tomato, the smell of wild thyme, the slow movement of sheer curtains in the wind, or the sound of the waves in the night.

    Wander through the orchards to taste a juicy fruit straight from the tree. Watch the production of olive oil from the olives picked in the vast olive groves. Take time to taste the wine made of local grape varieties to admire their combination with authentic dishes prepared with all that is fresh and good. In short, slow down to enjoy a luxurious break in an unspoiled land. Join us in the Turkaegean experience!