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  • Best Trekking Spots Within And Around İstanbul

    For some people walking is a way of mental repose which carries a specific philosophy on the basis. More than just a sport or hobby, some turn walking into a lifestyle. The day you start to look for different locations for walking, you will truly become a trekker. Be sure trekking in the heart of nature is worth all that sweet exhaustion in the end. Stay tuned below for the best trekking spots in and around Istanbul.

    Be in Touch with Nature at Belgrad Forest

    When you hear the name Belgrad, Serbia may come to your mind first but you are wrong. This lovely forest is located north of Istanbul. This place is a green world hidden in the corner of the city. One of the most important natural habitats of Istanbul, Belgrad Forest is located between Sarıyer and Eyüp districts. It took its name from the foresters from Belgrade living in this region.

    When we look at its history, we discover that it was the most important source of drinking water for Istanbul during the Byzantine and the Ottoman periods. That’s why aqueducts and embankments can be spotted in the forest. You can encounter with 7 historical embankments scattered at different points within the forest as well as 6 different nature parks. It’s a perfect place for trekking and relaxing when you get tired of the city’s hustle and bustle! 

    Chase the Sky in Uçmakdere

    Uçmakdere is an old village in the Şarköy district of Tekirdağ. The name of the village in Turkish reminds you of flying. This is because of the paragliding slopes are located nearby. Apart from paragliding, if you are in search of a calm, broad area for trekking, Uçmakdere can be your best kept secret trekking spot!

    Take a walk here with the accompaniment of the Ganos Mountains’ majestry and the blue Marmara Sea. You can follow the path passing through the villages and footpath that leads to the seashore. Uçmakdere is very suitable for camping too if you are an adventure seeker.

    Watch the Colors Dance in Sülüklü Lake

    About 300 years ago a landslide fell in Tavşansuyu stream and formed Sülüklü Lake as a result. Located in Bolu’s Mudurnu town, Sülüklü Lake is an untouched beauty where you can go fishing, camping, and hiking. With its diversity of endemic plant species and woodlands, Sülüklü Göl charts an extremely enjoyable trekking track especially in the autumn.

    Keep the Rhythm of Water in Erikli Plateau

    You can reach Erikli Plateau after 6 km from Teşvikiye Village of Yalova’s Çınarcık district. Teşvikiye Urban Forest, Çifte Waterfalls, and Dipsiz Lake welcomes you when you get there. The climb to Erikli Plateau takes about an hour with an average walking pace. The most important feature of this hiking trail is that there are many waterfalls on the path. The trail gives you an oppurtunity to walk by the stream and under the trees. The trees along the path leading to the Çifte Waterfall are so numerous that seeing the sky becomes impossible at times. Those who love trekking should go on many explorations in this lush green flora in Erikli.

    Nature Lovers Meet Their New Love in Polenezköy

    Located in Beykoz district of Istanbul, Polonezköy is a village founded by immigrants who fled from Poland in the mid-19th century. It is one of the most favourite weekend getaway routes of Istanbulites. Having the largest nature park in Istanbul, Polonezköy provides an ideal environment for trekking. In any time of the year you can jog and do nature sports on its 5 km long walking track. We strongly recommend for you to come and breath the air of this little Poland in Istanbul!