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  • Best Thermal Baths and Springs in Türkiye

    Pamukkale Hot Springs and Travertine Pools

    One of Türkiye’s iconic vacation spots, Pamukkale, located in the province of Denizli, is truly a wonder of nature. In fact, Pamukkale, which literally translates as “Cotton Castle,” is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the Roman era, it has been known as a spa town, presenting visitors with relaxing and soothing waters in its therapeutic ponds. The healing hot waters and the breathtaking view of this white paradise will make you feel you are in a fairy tale! Experience swimming in the ancient pool of Cleopatra and take in the view of the ancient ruins of Hierapolis spreading before you. With a constant water temperature of around 35 degrees Celsius, the hot springs are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you!

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    Sakarya Thermal Springs

    If you’re planning to ease your mind and body in a place not far from İstanbul, the famous Sakarya Thermal Springs await you for a relaxing spa vacation getaway in beautiful and unspoiled nature. The thermal springs are surrounded by large green forests and mountains, and you can choose from a range of thermal facilities for a relaxing and reinvigorating thermal spa experience. Your options are plentiful from hot tubs, thermal pools, and professional massage services – all guaranteed to give you a new lease on life!

    Yalova Hot Springs and Thermal Baths

    The hot springs of Yalova are located south of the Marmara Sea. It is a magnificent location that promises to diversify your vacation with its healing waters – what is more, the majestic views will captivate you and invite you to stay longer! Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking natural beauty, lush forests, parks, and inviting restaurants. The facilities provide both indoor and outdoor thermal pools and baths, traditional hammam and sauna facilities, a unique underwater massage service, and even drinking cures! The Yalova springs are rich in fluoride, calcium, and sodium chloride, which translates into extra relaxation. These curative springs are effective in the treatment of many ailments such as skin problems, rheumatism, and arthritis. Do you feel rejuvenated and renewed, and are looking for what else to do in Yalova? Click here for more! 

    Afyon Thermal Springs and Mud Baths

    Renowned for their thermal and curative waters, Afyon hot springs are located in the inner Aegean region of Türkiye. Its residents have called Afyon “the City of Remedies” for many years. Throughout the year, Afyon welcomes tourists from all around the world for health tourism. The temperatures in the hot springs here range between 42 and 53 degrees Celsius, and the springs are especially healing for rheumatism, cardiovascular problems, and digestion complaints. Apart from the hot pools, Afyon also offers the opportunity to take a relaxing mud bath, known to be effective in the treatment of orthopedic conditions and disorders. Afyon is the perfect destination to relax, heal, and rejuvenate!      

    Bursa Open-Air Hot Springs

    Bursa has been a famous destination for its refreshing thermal springs since Ottoman times. Thermal baths are abundant in this area, stretching across the countryside and proven to treat countless ailments. The hot water that comes out of the rocks contains sulfur as a result of the region’s volcanic structure. You can choose to visit Oylat Thermal Springs or the open-air hot springs in Orhangazi. Bursa is also home to many thermal resorts and spa centers that are ideal for an extended stay. The waters here are warm and inviting - once you take a dip, you won’t be in any hurry to get back out!

    Apart from health tourism, Bursa offers numerous opportunities thanks to its long history and natural beauty. Click here to discover more!

    Balıkesir Thermal Springs

    Balıkesir is a hot spot for health tourism by virtue of the reputed thermal springs in the district of Gönen. The thermal springs here date back to Roman and Byzantine times, and their popularity has not diminished since then! The water is plentiful, with a natural flow, and rich in minerals. The region’s highly suitable climate adds to the advantages, making it a suitable destination year-round. A water source known to locals as “Youth Spring” is said to offer remedy to all kinds of muscle and bone pains. Balıkesir offers many thermal facilities with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa and wellness centers, unique herbal baths, and professional massage services.

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