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  • Best Stargazing Spots in Türkiye

    Stargazing has always been an attractive hobby. Who knows, perhaps it's not a hobby, but an instinct deeply rooted in us? In reality, when we gaze up into the sky with our naked eyes, we can see billions of stars. For the best stargazing experience, it is sufficient to be in high mountainous areas where there is no artificial light. When the night sky darkens, you have to be in the perfect spot to catch the stars’ magnificent view. For such a memorable activity, you need to travel to particular areas in order to observe billions of stars when gazing at the sky. Let’s begin our tour of Türkiye's most beautiful spots to observe the stars if you are ready.

    1. Balıkesir's Mount Ida

    Located in the city of Balıkesir, Mount Ida is regarded as one of Türkiye's most unique natural wonders for stargazing enthusiasts! It’s also one of the places with the greatest oxygen ratio. Undoubtedly, all this makes Mount Ida a great place to look up at the stars. Not to mention that it’s among the least light-polluted areas all across Türkiye. Green and blue are dancing in this vast region as the sea and forest meet. This one-of-a-kind location, a natural paradise, draws the attention of adventurous travellers with its campgrounds and nice boutique lodging options.

    2. Antalya's Mount Sivri National Park

    One of the most magnificent places to watch the stars in Türkiye is Mount Sivri National Park in Antalya, Konyaaltı. Stars can be seen clearly on the slopes of Mount Sivri, which has one of the highest peaks in the region. At the summit, the sky is super clear! Of course, you should have some good mountaineering skills and experience along with the necessary materials, in order to trek up to the summit and spend the night there. In any case, this will be a wonderful stargazing moment for you!

    3. Black Sea Region's Kaçkar Mountains

    Time for you to venture into a stargazing journey in the Eastern Black Sea! Kaçkar Mountains, being one of the main routes for nature lovers have much to offer. They not only give all the splendour of the Eastern Black Sea region's spectacular landscape but also the opportunity to observe the sky where millions of stars dance in perfect harmony at night.

    4. Muğla's Lake Kartal Nature Reserve

    Lake Kartal Nature Reserve in the Aegean Region is an excellent location for shooting stars in clear night sky. A glacial valley structure welcomes you in the natural region covered with alpine plants. The region's flora is very diverse, so you will unlikely get bored during the day before your stargazing experience. In the pond, there are small fish species to admire. Bonus tip: Türkiye's oldest larch forest is found here in this nature reserve!

    5. Antalya's Gelemiş District

    A new taste for stargazing enthusiasts to have a calm, tranquil experience. Antalya’s Gelemiş district is highly popular for a peaceful vacation with many camping spots. Here, the light pollution is quite less and you can photograph the captivating sky at night. The place also provides its visitors with some other activities. There are a few bars around Gelemiş and you can stop by one of them with your friends and family to get a few drinks before starting your stargazing adventure. The hidden paradise of Antalya, Gelemiş is just for you if you’re looking for a calm and serene, star-filled vacation!

    6. Artvin's Hatila Valley National Park

    In the midst of nature, a remarkable experience awaits you in Türkiye. Artvin’s Hatila Valley National Park is one of the greatest sites to shoot for the starry night. This location is a natural wonderland! The region is home to a variety of plant and animal species that you can discover during the day. It is also one of the best spots in Türkiye to observe the stars in their clearest way at night. In addition to that, the national park has several large and small streams around to choose the most suitable camping spot to spend a blissful night under the stars! 

    7. Ankara's Mount Teke National Park

    A pleasant stargazing destination in the capital city of Türkiye, Mount Teke National Park is a great option for several reasons. It is one of Türkiye's least light-polluted areas. In clear weather, this transforms the region into a perfect stargazing spot for its visitors to enjoy! Although it is mostly preferred by picnickers, it is possible to do stargazing here, as well as trekking, nature photography, scouting and camping. All kinds of services such as resting facilities and toilets within the national park are also readily available to give travellers a pleasant experience.