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  • Best Places for Shopping in İstanbul

    İstanbul is a city with thousands of years of cosmopolitan history. Its multicultural structure from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods shows itself even in shopping. This article can find many places to shop, from historical passages like Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar to famous streets that lie throughout shopping centers in İstanbul.

    It is a solely different experience to visit a historical or street bazaar from going to a shopping mall in İstanbul. Locals,It is a solely different experience to visit a historical or street bazaar from going to a shopping mall in İstanbul. But, it is really impossible to prefer one to the other! Therefore, you should stop by absolutely all of the shopping points we'll be talking about in this article, from the modern streets to nostalgic passages during your visiting İstanbul.

    Places to Shop in İstanbul

    Our list of places to shop in İstanbul consists of many main topics. As a guide who has been operating in İstanbul for years, we closely observed the shopping habits of local and foreign tourists. In this way, we have created an İstanbul shopping guide on historical bazaars and streets where you can go shopping in İstanbul.

    İstiklal Street

    Embassy buildings, banks, and hotels opened in the Ottoman capital attracted all the attention to this area, and wealthy non-Muslim citizens of the city competed with each other to build beautiful buildings in this area. While wandering around İstiklal Street today, looking at the colorful windows at eye level, although we forget to examine the architectural beauties, Beyoğlu still carries the traces of those days. While soaking up this historical atmosphere, you will find numerous shops lying throughout the right and left of the street. From clothes to jewelry or all souvenirs that might be able to come to your mind can reach only here!


    Galata is one of İstanbul's rising stars. In recent years, wonderful souvenir shops have opened around Galata Tower. There are also very nice concept shops. Galata definitely stands out among the many places to shop in İstanbul. Here, you can witness an architectural feast during shopping.


    Karaköy is a cosmopolitan district that served as the city's dock during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. This port district, which has been active in every period of İstanbul's history, was fully revived in the 19th century, the last period of the Ottoman Empire. There are also artworks such as Minerva Han in Karaköy, where all local and foreign businessmen of the city have invested.

    Today, the most prominent shopping areas in Karaköy are the shops selling outdoor equipment. There are places where you may find souvenirs, from jewelry to clothes.

    On Tersane Street extending from Karaköy towards the Golden Horn, there are bazaars that sell all kinds of equipment. On Kemeraltı Street, which continues in the Kabataş direction, shops selling diving clothes can be lined up side by side.

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    The most popular streets of Nişantaşı, which hosts boutiques where you can find special design products as well as luxury stores, stand out as Abdi İpekçi Street and Mim Kemal Öke Street.

    Especially if you are looking for evening dresses, you can get lost in the back streets of Nişantaşı and visit the boutiques where the latest fashion evening dresses are sold. Extending from Maçka to Nişantaşı and hosting more than 50 luxury shops, Abdi İpekçi Street is like an open-air shopping center.


    Places to shop in Eminönü are located between the Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar. It is difficult even to find a place to take a step on the weekend in Uzunçarşı Street and Mahmutpaşa Hill, which lie between two historical İstanbul bazaars.

    Spice Bazaar

    Silk fabrics from China and spices from India were transported to Egypt by caravans for many years, and from there, they were brought to İstanbul by ships. These precious trade goods were exported to Europe through Venetians and Genoese living in İstanbul. Some of these important trade commodities were offered to the public in the Spice Bazaar of İstanbul. The Spice Bazaar, which stands next to Yeni Mosque in the heart of the Eminönü district, is still frequented by locals and foreign tourists. 

    Uzunçarşı Street

    Uzunçarşı Street is the name of a gentle slope that extends from Eminönü seaside to the Grand Bazaar Türkiye. You can find various business centers, shops, and eating and drinking places on the street.

    If you want to have a nostalgic shopping experience in the Historical Peninsula, we suggest you go here. You can also find many shopping items for much cheaper than elsewhere.

    Grand Bazaar

    When it comes to the authentic bazaar in İstanbul, the first place in our mind is Grand Bazaar! You can be sure that this historical bazaar full of countless souvenirs will add a unique experience to your trip. Whether you don't decide what you buy from Türkiye, this place will give you wonderful ideas. Handmade Turkish carpets with traditional patterns, special design jewelry made of golden, delicious Turkish desserts, local spices that will seduce you and much more await you here!


    Let us tell you a little bit about Sirkeci, which is situated in the very heart of İstanbul. Sirkeci shore is one of the oldest trade ports in human history and it has been the trade center of İstanbul since its Byzantine and Ottoman past onwards. Today, it is still possible to experience the distinctive bustle that lasts all day along its many streets, as would be expected in its past. With the soul of the past still surviving to the day, the shore is still home to plenty of souvenir stores, bazaars, bibliopoles, and antique shops. These all await you there!

    Here's more information about Sirkeci for you! Sirkeci Terminal of today once was the last station of Şark Express (known globally as the Orient Express) that once served between Europe and İstanbul. Passengers, most of whom consisted of senior bureaucrats and authors, used to head directly to the Pera Palace to get a great accommodation after getting off the train. One of those was Agatha Christie! The great author wrote her novel "Murder in the Orient Express" in one of the rooms of Pera Palace. Knowing about Sirkeci quarter's history will definitely add to your visit a bit of nostalgia!


    Sultanahmet is not only today, but also during the Ottoman period; it was among the most important places to shop in İstanbul. When you examine the Ottoman period, you will see that the most important shopping points in the city are the districts around Sultanahmet, such as Beyazıt, Eminönü, and Unkapanı. In Sultanahmet, you can find famous shopping malls in İstanbul such as Arasta Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, Nuruosmaniye Street.


    Balat has been among the most popular shopping districts in İstanbul for the past few years. The best part of visiting the sibling neighborhoods such as Fener and Balat is combining food and drink, cultural travel, and shopping.

    After starting the day with a nice breakfast in the cafes near the Fener Greek Patriarchate, you can tour along Vodina Street, which connects the two districts and enjoy the retro shops in the surrounding.

    When you enter the Balat Bazaar, you will see that some shops on the right and left are making auctions. In these small-scale auctions where antiques are sold at low prices, which can be called a bargain, you can witness people moving from the shops to the streets.


    Kadıköy is one of the first places that come to mind for shopping on the Anatolian Side of İstanbul. From the beach of Kadıköy to the fish market; There are many shopping streets from Bahariye Street to Bağdat Street. It is absolutely a good choice for walking around clothing stores, and among souvenir shops by taking away a cup  of coffee.

    Bağdat Street

    If you would like to go shopping outdoors, Bağdat Street would be a good choice for you. You can find many options from shops to restaurants on this 9-kilometer-long Bağdat Street. This street, which is generally preferred for luxury brands, is also very close to the coast. If you are interested in shopping with the locals of İstanbul and exploring the city, do not forget to add Bağdat Street to your list of places to visit. Alternatively, for a wider range of products consisting of exclusive brands and special design jewelry, you can head to İstinye Park located in Sarıyer.

    As you can see, İstanbul is a city with many different shopping venues. In addition to the dozens of shopping centers or streets we mentioned here, you can find many other shopping and sightseeing venues.

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