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  • Antique and Flea Markets of Türkiye

    If you don't mind elbowing your way through a throng or haggling over costs, a flea market is definitely one of the greatest venues to find that one-of-a-kind keepsake. Türkiye is home to wonderful antique bazaars and flea markets. They’re located all around the country on various days for everyone to visit and buy a few gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones. Apart from particular local boutiques, flea markets, and thrift shops are the greatest bets when it comes to finding chic and trendy alternatives to fast fashion. Allow us to lead you around Türkiye’s antique and flea markets, guiding you to the hidden gems waiting for a new home!

    Feriköy Antique Market (İstanbul)

    Feriköy Antique Market welcomes you for a tour of authentic collectables! The moment you step in, you’ll see that this antique market is a wonderful representation of its surroundings. Feriköy Antique Market harbours over 200 vendors that are all locals of the city. Be sure that each one has a story to tell about the items they are selling. Antique coin collections, Turkish weapons, novels, old jewelry, and apparel are all on display to be appreciated with keen eyes! Many hotels coexist with historic breweries on the same beautiful streets, which is fascinating! Here in this market, Many Turkish antiques are readily available for sale to become wonderful gifts for your friends and family back home. These intriguing objects also represent many other nations and ethnic groups that were once a part of the Ottoman empire, complementing Istanbul's rich heritage.

    Kadıköy Antique Market (İstanbul)

    A large collection of stores on Kadıköy's Tellalzade Street introduces you to old telescopes, glasses, gaslamps, record players, radios, and hidden jewels waiting to be discovered behind heaps of dusty products. The beautiful coffee mugs on display will leave you speechless for sure! Make a point of visiting the adjacent Kadıköy Antique Bazaar, which has shops selling elegant decorations, antique furniture, and many more exquisite objects to gaze your eyes upon and add to your collections!

    Bodrum Antique Market (Muğla)

    As a break from the beach, time to head to Bodrum’s Antique Market and take a stroll around many wonderful second-hand vendors. In the ancient clothing market, you can find several vendors selling textiles, cottons, curtains, tablecloths, the highest quality and internationally famed towels and bath products made of real silk, as well as a variety of other household and garden supplies that may be of interest to you. 

    Ayrancı Antique Market (Ankara)

    Ayrancı neighborhood, located in the capital city of Türkiye, is home to a sizable antique bazaar. It is held on Sundays with hundreds of stalls and in a vast Marketplace. This is for sure the best antique-hunting experience in Ankara!

    Çalıca Flea Market (Antalya)

    Located in the heart of Mediterranean, Çalıca is famed for its antique stores. Walking up this market will reveal hundreds of shops filled with oddities you wouldn't imagine you would ever discover! From ancient images to postcards to furniture, there's something for everyone. The majority of the vendors are simply bursting at the seams with merchandise, and even just window-shopping is enjoyable whether or not you intend to purchase anything.

    Dolapdere Flea Market (İstanbul)

    Dolapdere flea market is doubtlessly a hidden treasure in the most popular part of town. You can find just about everything you’re looking for here on early Sunday mornings. Strolling around the market may feel a bit chaotic as you shouldn’t expect very well organized bazaar stalls. But that is exactly what differentiates the Dolapdere flea market where you can observe and meet people from all walks of life. Wander into the streets of Dolapdere and you won’t regret it!