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  • A Selection of Turkish National Parks and Nature Parks

    From mountain tops so beautifully adorned by the hand of man to canyons so deep you will be truly impressed by nature’s workings, this list of national and nature parks will offer you some of the top sights and activities in Türkiye. Make sure to read until the end to get a taste of what Turkish national parks and nature parks have to offer.

    Aladağlar National Park (Aladağlar Milli Parkı)

    Located in close vicinity of the Anti-Taurus Mountains (Aladağlar in Turkish),  stretches from Kayseri Province all the way to Adana Province, therefore covering a giant area to use for various outdoor activities. With beds of limestone that are just perfect for rock-climbing novices, the mountain accommodates several single-pitch and multi-pitch routes. on rock-climbing, you’re more than recommended to visit this national park between the first weeks of June and the end of September.

    The opportunities the park has to offer, however, are not limited to its splendid rock-climbing routes: Aladağlar National Park is perfect also for those who are into camping, hiking, or trekking. Some of the routes are not forested but lined with alpine plants, and the park therefore has a campground to fit every taste and preference. You can set up your tent in the designated areas and are recommended to bring your camera with you if you like nature photography. 

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    Lake Beyşehir National Park (Beyşehir Gölü Milli Parkı)

    A natural haunt in Türkiye’s Konya city, Lake Beyşehir ( in Turkish) is an important sanctuary for 150 flora varieties and over 16 species of freshwater fish. There are also some types of birds that thrive in the lake – and in this lake only.

    The lakeshore is perfect for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and mountain biking. There are also some designated campgrounds which could be of interest to you. As a visitor, you can set up your tent in the designated areas or prefer to stay in caravan parks. There are also some picnic areas with magnificent views that are worth your visit. The ideal time to visit the lake is between May and October though it composes a heaven on earth throughout the year.

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    Mount Nemrut National Park (Nemrut Dağı Milli Parkı)

    A national park   in Türkiye’s Adıyaman city,  National Park accommodates a spectacular UNESCO heritage site: The Mausoleum of Antiochus I (69-34 BCE). Chiseled out of the mountainside, the statues you see in the picture above point to a history so rich you’ll do nothing but be bewitched. The national park was created to ensure the protection of this historical landmark, and it’s been among the most visited parks of Türkiye ever since. You could visit the site for camping, trekking, and hiking – and of course, as part of a touristic detour. It’s particularly recommended that you visit the mausoleum and watch the sunrise and sunset from above the mountain.

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    Göreme National Park (Göreme Milli Parkı)

    Located in Kapadokya, the historic town of Göreme accommodates quite a few rock formations that bring together natural wonders and historical remnants. Having been carved either by the hand of man or that of nature, they welcome myriads of travelers in the form of fairy chimneys, rock churches, monasteries, and underground cities. They together lend the scenery an otherworldly character which you just shouldn’t miss. You could enjoy this unique landscape on foot, on bike, or by flying on a hot air balloon, the latter being the most preferred of all.

    Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Kapadokya have been cited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012. You may also want to visit Göreme Open-Air Museum which is located 4 kilometers east of the town and can be easily accessed when you are around the park.

    To learn more about Kapadokya, visit

    Köprülü Canyon National Park (Köprülü Kanyon Milli Parkı)

    Köprülü Canyon National Park gets its name from the breathtaking canyon that bears the same name. Located in Antalya’s Manavgat district, the park is known prim for its fresh trout. The area accommodates many restaurants where you can enjoy this endemic type of fish. Note that there’s a bridge nearby that deserves your visit: The Oluklu Bridge. Though mostly preferred for swimming, hiking, and trekking, the park has many areas where you could enjoy other varieties of outdoor activities and water sports.

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    Yedigöller National Park (Yedigöller Milli Parkı)

    Yedigöller (literally meaning “seven lakes”) is home to seven lakes that are known to have been formed through landslides. The park is considered among the most beautiful and preferred parks to go camping in Türkiye, and it offers incomparably beautiful views throughout the year. It has a visual composition of many different trees whose leaves change color depending on the season. These together compose a beautiful landscape, and you’re therefore recommended to bring your camera with you if you ever come to visit the park.

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    Uludağ National Park (Uludağ Milli Parkı)

    Home to the country’s most popular skiing resorts, Uludağ National Park crowns an eponymous mountain. Uludağ rises to more than 2,000 meters and is perfect for any winter sport that could come to your mind. The park is a common haunt in warmer months as well, with myriads of people coming around to hike or camp in this unmatched world of rich flora and fauna. Located in Bursa, the mountain is easily accessible from İstanbul, and there are plenty of Ottoman heritages nearby that you may add to your itinerary. 

    To learn more about Uludağ, please visit

    Lake Abant Nature Park (Abant Gölü Tabiat Parkı)

    Lake Abant Nature Park gets its name from the eponymous freshwater lake in Türkiye’s Bolu Province. The lake was formed due to a great landslide, and it has since then become a preferred destination for those who love to escape to nature. Due to its beautiful natural environment, wide woodland, and accessibility from major cities of Türkiye, the park has become a popular excursion spot for . The lakeshore has many hotels, amenities, and services to offer you, and it is home to the Abant trout, a subspecies of trout strictly endemic to this lake.

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    Lake Bafa Nature Park (Bafa Gölü Tabiat Parkı)

    Lake Bafa Nature Park truly offers something special the moment you enter. Lake Bafa (Bafa Gölü) is situated in southwestern Türkiye, with some parts falling within the boundaries of Muğla Province and others, within Aydın Province’s Söke district. The lake area was officially declared as a nature reserve and named Lake Bafa Nature Park Today, it offers one of the most important bird sanctuaries in Türkiye. The west coast overlooking the Balat plain of Lake Bafa is particularly notable as a sanctuary for migratory birds who stay and breed there in autumn and spring. Not only are the lake’s waters very impressive to gawk at, but the site is also prime for trekking, hiking, and birdwatching.

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