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  • 5 Hiking Spots to Enjoy Fresh Air in İstanbul

    Owing to its varied landscapes, rolling hills, lush green forests along the Bosphorus, well-marked trails and pleasant weather, choosing the optimal hiking destination in İstanbul is no uphill struggle. Forests and natural parks are great examples of these destinations. It is undeniably fascinating to see them in all colours of the fall season! The natural scenery will enthral hikers in İstanbul. Let's have a quick peek at some of the most incredible spots in İstanbul to enjoy the pure air and have a memorable hiking adventure.

    1. Polonezköy

    The first choice that comes to mind for those who want to spend a lovely day alone in nature, Polonezköy Nature Park welcomes you. It offers glorious moments for nature-lovers to have a beautiful hiking experience among the sounds of chirping birds. With a vibrant flora and silent town life, the stunning scenery of this nature park is sure to hook you!

    Polonezköy is also home to many wild animal friends like red deer, boar, fox, squirrel, weasel and falcon. Surrounded by all shades of green, this place can be described as a piece of heaven for hiking enthusiasts. You can take a break to enjoy your meal in the facilities of the park, sip your drink in an environment intertwined with nature and breath in fresh air full of oxygen.

    2. Belgrad Forest and Göktürk Pond

    Resembling a perfectly drawn nature painting, the renowned Belgrad Forest in İstanbul is an excellent pick for a quality hiking experience! Spring's pastel colours gradually take their place in nature to offer you a lovely hiking experience. It is also Istanbul's primary supply of oxygen. There's a 6 km long hiking track for hiking enthusiasts, and the natural scenery you'll encounter is matchless! Besides, there are spots of exceptional beauty where photography enthusiasts can capture great shots.

    A journey full of pure air awaits you! Just at the entrance of the Belgrad Forest, another tranquil spot, Göktürk Pond, greets you. This area is surrounded by lush forests and offers a small pond and a waterside hiking track. You will witness breathtaking natural sceneries when you visit Göktürk Pond in the fall.

    3. Validebağ Grove

    Located on the Anatolian side of İstanbul, Validebağ Grove is a magnificent natural excursion and hiking spot. Despite being in the heart of the city, it preserves its untouched nature. Its matchless greenery, beautiful hiking trails, and pure air provide a fantastic getaway from the stress of daily life. You can race among the woods on the hiking tracks, rest your legs, and read a book while lying on the grass.

    It is home to ancient trees defying the years and aged between 100 to 400. You will be flooded with tranquillity as soon as you enter the Validebağ Grove and take a deep breath. Hiking in an oxygen-rich environment with a view of massive trees is ideal for relaxing. Put on your headphones and go for a run, taking in the scenery while listening to bird sounds!

    4. Türkmenbaşı Nature Park

    Situated within the borders of İstanbul's Sarıyer District, Türkmenbaşı Nature Park shines out as one of the loveliest destinations for nature lovers in İstanbul. Hiking with your friends and family on the trails thickly surrounded by umbrella pines will fill you with great pleasure! The natural park takes its name from Türkmenistan's president as a token of cultural unity between the two countries.

    The flora of the nature park consists mainly of coniferous trees such as Turkish pine, sessile oak, and hornbeam, and the oriental plane will encircle your atmosphere. Among the wild animals, you will encounter in the region are red squirrel, rabbit, hedgehog, mole, and sparrow. Breathe in the serene atmosphere and deeply enjoy your hiking experience!

    5. Aydos Forest

    Aydos Forest shines out as a natural beauty that serves as the city's lungs. Being among the select hiking heavens in İstanbul, it is home to a lovely pond and the highest hill of İstanbul at the same time. Presenting a diversity of wildlife and vegetation, this natural area was used as a hunting ground during Ottoman times.

    You'll be captivated as you explore the paths, slopes and green trails on your journey here. Rejuvenate your spirits as you hike along the tall trees. Relax by the Aydos Pond after your hike. Remember to have tea at the facilities around the pond and engrave the natural scenery in your mind. While breathing in plenty of oxygen, you'll have a good time in Aydos Forest.