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  • 10 Splendid Reasons to Visit Kapadokya

    Kapadokya is one of Türkiye’s most mystical places to visit before you die. You can find dreamy landscapes, fairy chimneys, caves, hotels, all kinds of rocks, and balloon flights in the heart of Anatolia. From Türkiye hot air balloons to its gorgeous natural formations, here are the 10 splendid reasons to visit the fairy tale city of Kapadokya.

    Memorable Accommodation in Caves Hotel

    Have you ever stayed in a mystical cave? Here is a great chance to experience a unique night in the caves hotel. Kapadokya invites you to an unforgettable journey with its unique and historical natural formations. People have made caves into matchless homes throughout the centuries, and now Kapadokya offers a wide range of coolest accommodations for visitors. 

    Every town of Kapadokya has a good and wide offer for all budgets, from hostel to elegantly renovated caves hotel. Each caves hotel has a different experience and ambiance thanks to landscape, luxury, and meal options. We should surely say that the best hotels in Kapadokya offer a great view of the fairy chimney and Türkiye hot air balloon. If you would like to watch the balloons in the sky when you wake up in the morning and enjoy the sunrise, you should choose a hotel accordingly. 

    There are many options, from luxury caves hotels with jacuzzis, private terraces, and glass ceilings to hotels where you can experience the history. There are also hotels where you can see the whole of Kapadokya and enjoy the history. After determining your priority and budget, choose the most suitable accommodation for you and start preparing your luggage!

    Breathtaking Landscapes in 4 Seasons

    The current state of the place, which was filled with lakes and streams 9 million years ago, is truly incredible. Fairy chimneys, stones, caves, and colorful valleys ... Here are the landscapes that you will never get tired of seeing in Kapadokya and excite you every second.

    The shapes created by the wind over time almost invite you to a fairy tale. Especially at sunset time, these formations will fascinate you! You can enjoy this view on balloon flights while hiking or having dinner every hour of the day. 

    The shapes created by the wind over time almost invite you to a fairy tale. Especially at sunset time, these formations offer fascinating scenes! You can enjoy this view on balloon flights while hiking or having dinner every hour of the day.

    Balloon Flights at Sunrise

    Balloon flights are the best option to see and flying over the Kapadokya. Türkiye hot air balloon, which is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Kapadokya, is indispensable for this town! 

    Türkiye hot air balloon is the best choice to feel like flying above history, fantastic rock formations, vineyards, and chimneys. You can start the day with balloon flights in small hours. 

    During the balloon flights, which take 1 to 1 and a half hours, you will have plenty of time to watch the colorful and enchanting valleys and take photos. Is it possible to fall in love somewhere? Here is the answer to the Türkiye hot air balloon!

    Hiking Through The Valleys

    There are a lot of valleys to explore and hike in Kapadokya. One of them is Kızıl Valley, and it offers a splendid and namable hiking route. Kızıl Valley, spreading over a vast area, offers you all the natural beauty of Kapadokya. 

    If you started the day with a hot air balloon, you might end the day in a Kızıl Valley. There is a fantastic trail loop between Gül and Meskendir Valley. You can explore the ancient church, unbelievable cave dwellings, sharp sandstone, and yellow sandstone rock formations. Also, you can hike in Aşk, Paşabağ, Güvercinlik and Ihlara Valley. 

    So would you like to walk among fairy chimneys?

    Traditional and Tasty Turkish Cuisine

    If you are traveling in a country with delicious, mixed, and different flavors, we are sure that you will fall in love with eating! So, Kapadokya brings out all the flavors of Turkish cuisine. The best meal routine is starting the day with a Turkish breakfast. And this rich breakfast includes hot bazlama, honey, dried yogurt, pastırma, homemade butter, and so on. 

    What about your preference for lunch and dinner? You can take a look at the unique and endless dishes of Turkish cuisine: Yaprak sarması (stuffed vine leaves), traditional Türk mantısı (Turkish style dumplings with yogurt and butter sauce), bamya (okra), testi kebab, sulu köfte (boiled meatballs in a tomato sauce) and a dishful potato salad. Book your place now for dinner with a fairy chimney view!

    Taste Local and Delicious Wine

    In addition to its natural beauty, historical and breathtaking view, one of the things to be experienced in Kapadokya is the local wines! These wines, which have received many awards and are carefully produced, will make your whole trip beautiful. 

    You can taste the wines made from grapes grown in the fertile soil of Kapadokya. The only thing you need for the wine houses and wine production facilities in different parts of Kapadokya is the Kapadokya flight.

    Horseback Riding in National Parks

    Do you know the meaning of Kapadokya? It means ‘‘land of beautiful horses’’ in Turkish. Kapadokya is a city that lives up to its name because you can always come across long-mane horses in the valley. 

    Horseback riding is one of the common and favorite activities in Kapadokya. It would be an excellent choice to take a pleasant and calm stroll among the fairy chimneys on horseback.

    Explore the Open-Air Museums

    Kapadokya offers unique open-air museums with ancient churches and cave houses. Museums in Kapadokya are not like accustomed museums because you can explore history in the open air!

    Göreme Open Air Museum and Zelve Open Air Museum take you on a journey you have never seen in your life. Monasteries and churches, meeting places and houses transformed from caves bear all the traces of history. How would you like to wander between the 4th and the 11th century CE?

    To explore all the must-see routes in Kapadokya, click here!

    Discover the Underground Village

    Although Kapadokya is famous for its fairy chimneys, there is something else you should see: Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı Underground Villages! The eight-story Derinkuyu Underground Village, built thanks to the geological formation of Kapadokya, has been used to escape from enemies for a long time. This is truly a city with partitions such as the kitchen, living room, and place of worship. 

    More exciting than all these is that you can visit this underground city. Going down 8 floors and examining each floor of the city will be a truly amazing experience!

    Making Pottery in Avanos

    As you can see, this fascinating region is full of many kinds of activities that you need to experience. But, you should not miss this place, which is the city of the earth, to make pottery!

    Avanos is a region in Kapadokya and famous for its pottery. And of course, it also offers you the opportunity to put on your apron and make pottery. So, are you ready for your first experience with joining a pottery workshop?

    To learn more about Kapadokya, click here!