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  • 10 Best Souvenirs to Buy from İstanbul

    With its magnificent location united Europe and Asia, İstanbul has been a unique trading center from the past. Its wide cultural richness, rooted handicraft tradition, the influences coming from across the globe due to its location advantage have transformed it into a spectacular shopping paradise. In short, shopping in İstanbul is a cultural experience at the same time. One of the most accurate addresses to understand better this will probably be the Grand Bazaar. Many of the most special goods you might find during your Türkiye travel are offered here, In this amazing historical arcade, together. 

    Well, How will we decide what we buy? It is nearly impossible to don't get lost among innumerable options. Don't worry! We listed the most popular ones for you. From Turkish tea to Turkish coffee, from coffee pot to Turkish delight, even Turkish rug, here are 10 of İstanbul’s best souvenirs.

    Turkish Tea

    Turkish tea, locally called as çay, is definitely the most widely consumed hot beverage in Türkiye. It is a sort of black tea from the Black Sea region and brewed in a traditional double teapot, called çaydanlık. It is consumed every time of day as an integral part of Turkish culture. So, you can be sure you will see people drinking tea in households, parks, even shops all day during your İstanbul trip. Finally, don't forget that consuming together a cup of tea is the best way to get to know someone here. What a beverage!

    Turkish Coffee & Cezve

    Turkish coffee is not only famous in Türkiye but also is trending all over the world. It is traditionally boiled in a special pot called cezve and offered with a cup of water. You need to drink the water before coffee to help you taste your coffee better. If you want to bring home some Turkish coffee, you should visit the Grand Bazaar, one of the best arcades of İstanbul. In addition to the Turkish coffee, You can buy a Turkish coffee set and a Turkish coffee maker or cezve to carry this authentic tradition in your kitchen.

    Lokum and Turkish Baklava

    We recommend you don't leave İstanbul without buying some lokum! Because these delightful confections, known as Turkish delight around the world, are among the most popular traditional sweets in Türkiye. They are made of gel starch and crushed date and covered with icing sugar. There are many kinds like ones with pistachio, rosewater, lemon and nuts. To choose the one that best suits your taste, you might visit The Spice Bazaar which offers all the traditional flavors. While we’re still on the topic of sweets, we had better talking about Baklava, which is even more famous than lokum. Baklava is a pastry made of thin layers of dough filled with chopped walnuts or pistachios and present by being shed sugary syrup. This quite delicious dessert definitely will be one of the best choices to take your home!

    Blue Evil Eye

    While shopping, you will see the blue evil eye nearly in all souvenir stores in Türkiye. This ornament, which is locally called Nazar boncuğu, includes an eye shape stone of blue color. Once, many people believed those protected them from the bad curse. But today, it's generally used for its aesthetic appearance rather than superstitious reasons. This catchy item is available in many different forms, like refrigerator magnets, key chains, and jewelry. If you enjoy them, you can maybe get one as a souvenir for yourself.

    Turkish Spices

    Türkiye is the land of spices. So, it is no surprise that its cuisine is so delicious. Especially sumac, paprika, and allspice are among the most famous ones. They might be the most delicious souvenirs that you will bring from Türkiye. We know a magnificent place where you can find many spices together. Spice Bazaar, in the heart of İstanbul, offers voluminously all spices you might want to try. In addition to spices, you can also try various local flavors and special teas.

    İznik Ceramic

    You have certainly seen the traditional motifs of İznik tiles that consist of tulip patterns and turquoise colors in many historic mosques and palaces in Istanbul. How about seeing these gorgeous patterns on decorative objects in your house as well. Here is a great reason to head to the Grand Bazaar!

    Be sure that many artworks of ceramics like plates, bowls, ashtrays, vases await you there. Whether you come back to your home, it will be impossible to forget İstanbul's beauty and memories. 

    Turkish Rugs and Turkish Carpets

    With its unique patterns and eye-catching colors, It’s no surprise that Turkish rugs and carpets are among the most sought-after souvenir items in İstanbul. Carpet-weaving craft preserved through generations today still has represented master craftsman's skills. Especially Turkish rug, locally known as kilim, might be a good souvenir from İstanbul because it is easy to carry. Authentic and handmade carpets and rugs can be slightly expensive, but they will be completely worth it. 

    Mosaic Lamps

    Another of the most popular souvenirs of İstanbul is the Mosaic lamp. They’re available in just about all historical bazaars. From glass items to small hanging lamps or chandeliers, each one has unique designs. They will definitely be a great choice to add extra beauty to rooms in your house. You can buy smaller ones to be able to carry them easily during your journey.

    Olive Oil and Olive Oil Soap

    Before leaving Türkiye, which is the homeland of olive, you should definitely try those olive products. It is available in many product options here thanks to its countless olive oil facilities. Let's start with olive oil. Olive oil is undoubtedly one of the most basic ingredients in Turkish cuisine. We can say that the delicious Turkish food comes from here in a way. Another souvenir to buy can be handmade olive oil soap. Because beauty products and bath supplies as well are among the leading souvenirs in Türkiye. When it is considered Türkiye's exclusive bath culture, also known as hammam, it is clear why its bath items are so famous. Alternatively, you can also give a chance to black soap, various aromatic scents, and natural care products.

    Turkish Jewellery

    Designing valuable stones has been a quite well-regarded tradition since Ottoman Era. Especially İstanbul, with the contribution of its cultural richness, has included many master artisans for centuries. Today still, you can easily find one-of-a-kind designs here. Grand Bazaar, a historical jewelry market, will be the right place to go for glittering gems, gold and silver accessories, and precious stones.

    To explore more shopping options İstanbul offers, click here!