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  • The Best Seasonal Activities in Türkiye

    Türkiye is a land blessed with a rich present and a long, impressive past. It welcomes tourists from all walks of life who come here to enjoy the serenity and the spirit of adventure! When you visit Türkiye, you’ll feel energized and relaxed! With endless activities to do in a country where all four seasons are experienced, there’s no need to worry about the weather! In the hot weather of Fethiye, you can take a Blue Cruise along the Aegean coast. In summer, in Kuşadası, you can visit the legendary Cave of Zeus to cool off and relax in the refreshing pool fed by the mountain waters. In Dalyan, you can head to the beach and enjoy the scenery where green meets blue. If you find yourself in a cooler climate, make sure you visit Kapadokya for an experience of a lifetime! To experience Türkiye in winter, visit Uludağ for infinite adventures including skiing and snowboarding. Here, we’ve prepared a list of the best activities for each season in Türkiye. Check them out before booking your flight!

    Ballooning in Kapadokya

    Floating over the mushroom-capped fairy chimneys and cities carved in stone, be prepared for the breathtaking views of this amazing wonderland! Cappadocia is every photographer’s dream! This enchanting region of swirling volcanic rock landscapes is believed to have been fashioned by mischievous elves! In winter and fall, Kapadokya is an amazing destination. If you don’t feel like hiking, try flying! Take a hot-air balloon ride and experience the unforgettable!

    To learn more about this region, click on the link!

    Enjoy a Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride on Lake Çıldır

    For a fabulous winter adventure, we highly recommend a sleigh ride on ice-covered Lake Çıldır! Located in the easternmost part of Türkiye, the traces of local traditional life here will enchant you! As the locals break the ice on the surface and fish, take a ride on horse-driven sleighs over the glass-like ice and admire the fish and algae underneath.

    Take a Blue Cruise

    Sailing down the Turkish Riviera on a Blue Cruise is a one-of-a-kind experience! Exploring the steep, forest-covered hills, the secret coves with quaint, white-sand beaches, and the islands scattered in the turquoise sea promises to be an experience of a lifetime! Start your day with a swim before breakfast and enjoy the tranquility of nature…

    Check this link to learn more about Blue Cruises and Turkish gulets.

    Go Skiing at Uludağ

    If you are after a winter adventure, fresh, pristine snow, and mountains largely unknown to most visitors to Türkiye, Uludağ is the perfect destination! Synonymous with skiing in Türkiye, Uludağ is sure to impress all ski-lovers. This white paradise will win your heart!

    Windsurfing in Alaçatı

    Surf’s up! Time to catch the wind and surf over the shallow turquoise waters of Türkiye. Alaçatı is identified with windsurfing and it’s a must-do summer activity at Türkiye’s Çeşme Peninsula. If you’re not an experienced surfer, there are many surfing schools here to help you get started! Alaçatı hosts a community of surfers from all around the world, and you can participate or watch various national and international competitions held here each year.

    Looking to learn more? Check this link!

    Trekking the Lycian Way

    Hike through an ancient Mediterranean paradise! Secluded beaches, traditional boatyards, little fishing communities, and UNESCO-listed mystic ruins will be your journey’s milestones. The Lycian Way is among the world’s longest treks, and it finds itself annually on the world’s top lists for its magnificent views, ancient ruins, and, of course, Turkish culture. The spring and fall are the best seasons to visit. Prepare your backpack and hit the trail!

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    Discover Southeastern Cuisine in Gaziantep

    What about setting the goal of becoming a gourmet on your vocation? The legendary cuisine of Gaziantep is the perfect enticement! Visit local restaurants, and try mouthwatering kebap and lahmacun accompanied by a cold ayran or the famous beyran soup! Finish it all off with deliciously sweet baklava and a cup of freshly brewed Turkish coffee. Gaziantep will redefine your notion of gastronomy and have you dreaming of returning the minute you leave!

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    Wine Tasting in Şirince

    What about enjoying wine tasting in the charming village of Şirince? Its name in Turkish - şirin means cute - gives you a hint of its charms. Şirince is famous for its fruit wines and presents visitors with traditional houses and an enchanting atmosphere. The village attracts many tourists in the spring, summer, and fall. The beauty and delicious wines of Şirince are sure to impress you. And remember - being a little tipsy never hurt anyone!

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    Thermal Bathing in the Travertines

    With its gleaming white travertines, hot springs, and healing waters, Pamukkale is definitely a must-see! The ideal time to visit is in the summer – bear in mind that the summer in Türkiye extends until October! At sunrise and sunset, Pamukkale offers stunning scenery. Relax in the terrace pools, take some wonderful pictures to save the moment, and enjoy this gift of nature.

    For more information about nearby locations, check this link!

    Paragliding at Ölüdeniz

    If you’re looking for adrenaline, Türkiye offers you the paragliding experience of a lifetime! Fly over the breathtaking Blue Lagoon and green-clad mountains on a bright sunny day. Feel the light breeze on your face and enjoy an unforgettable bird’s-eye view!

    Sightseeing along the Bosphorus

    Looking for a unique attraction that is specific to İstanbul? A Bosphorus cruise has earned a much-deserved place among İstanbul’s must-do activities. Discover the historic atmosphere of this ancient, magnificent city while cruising on the waters of the Bosphorus. Spring is a good time to visit. Judas trees, known as erguvan in Turkish, will greet you with their amazing color near Rumelihisarı (Rumelian Castle), and the Maiden’s Tower will enchant you. It is an experience not to be missed!

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    Rafting on the Green Canyon

    Looking for a thrill? What about rafting on the rapids of the Green Canyon? Manavgat takes its place among the most popular rafting spots in Türkiye. This summer, make a difference in your vacations: choose to have an adventure and paddle the waves over aquamarine spring water!

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