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    Modern and traditional resorts on a beautiful coastline. Ancient cities hidden among forests. A wide variety of sporting activities and many attractions. Antalya is the perfect holiday destination offering something for everyone.

    Antalya is the name of a Province which extends from Patara in the west to beyond Alanya in the east. It is also the name of the capital city of the Province which sits at the top of the Gulf of Antalya. There is a world class international airport just outside the city. With its famous turquoise blue sea, luminous sky, the ever-changing hues of its mountains and lush green vegetation, the region is a festival of colours.


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    Bodrum is world renowned as a paradise for tourists featuring charming neighbourhoods, various ancient sites for sightseeing, exquisite bays, turquoise sea, mild Mediterranean climate, modern transportation, and vibrant night life.

    Bodrum is a peninsula located in the southwest Aegean Region in the province of Muğla.

    The city's developed transportation infrastructure and port, which welcomes international cruise liners, also play an essential role in attracting millions of tourists.

    In ancient Greek, Bodrum was called Halicarnassus. Halicarnassus was especially famous for housing the Tomb of Mausolus (from where we get the word Mausoleum), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


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    Marmaris is where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean, where green verdant forests meet the famous turquoise waters of the sea, and where modern culture meets ancient civilizations.

    Marmaris is the destination for those who want to relax, explore natural beauty and the rich history of the region. The destination for those who want to the enjoy the Turquoise Sea and golden sands and try many water- and land-based sporting activities.


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    Göcek is a pretty harbour town where the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas meet. It is famous for its 6 large marinas which attract the yachting community from all around the world. It’s also the starting point for many Gulet (a traditional wooden masted Caique sailing boat) Blue Cruises, you can charter the whole boat or just a cabin for a weeklong trip.


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    “If you are in a hurry, what are you doing in Datça?” This is the motto that perfectly reflects the quiet and peaceful daily lives of Datça residents. In fact, it’s such a perfect summary of this charming town that it’s recently been adopted as the city’s official slogan – without a doubt, Datça is not a place to come and visit in a hurry.

    It is best to experience this serene town like its residents - slowly but surely. Here, you will find pristine beaches and hidden coves, pine-crested hills, olive and almond groves, quaint villages filled with stone houses, and most importantly, a slow and peaceful existence that attracts many city dwellers each year.


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