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  • Cultural Capital of the Turkish World: Bursa

    With an 8500-year history, Bursa has a thriving culture that leaves visitors in awe. It has grown to be one of Türkiye's most prominent cities, thanks to its natural beauties, distinct culture, and architectural texture shaped by centuries of history. The International Organization of Turkish Culture has recognized its cultural diversity. In Bursa, there are many destinations such as parks, thermal springs, inns, and spas that adds to the significance of this magnificent city. Find below the most important landmarks to visit to soak yourself in the culture of Bursa.

    1. Uludağ National Park

    Uludağ National Park, where you can feel Bursa beneath your feet, welcomes travellers seeking tranquillity. It is frequently chosen not only for skiing or lodging, but also for avoiding the city's hustle and bustle, and enjoying the beauty of nature. You may go for a walk and enjoy a picnic with your friends at the Saralan neighbourhood. The beauty of nature will be reflected in the photographs you capture. You can choose to stay in the woodland homes here if walking too much makes you tired and the fresh air makes you sleepy. To get to the national park, the most popular choices are vehicles or cable cars. The stunning panorama below you will bring the pleasure of the excursion to a climax as the cable car advances gently to the top.

    2. Thermal Spring and Spa

    Hot springs are great not only for body but also for mind. You can lay yourself down in the warm waters and forget about everything that weighs you down. If this sounds like your preferred way of relaxation, Bursa is your next destination. There are several hot springs to choose from but Oylat Thermal Springs stands out among them, offering lodging and rejuvenation options. The hot springs on the outskirts of Uludağ are said to be remedy to a variety of diseases. The massage treatments you like in the Turkish baths, saunas, and steam baths will make you feel pampered! With its plentiful mineral and fully natural hot waters, Oylat will provide you with a superb spa experience. You may also take your adventure to the next level by trekking through the beautiful natural surroundings.

    3. Hans and Markets

    Among the sites where you may view colourful local items are Bursa hans. A han used to be a structure that allows passengers to stay with their animals, usually on long roads, in cities and towns. In time, the purpose changed and tended towards trade and commerce. Despite the passage of time however, the importance of hans has never waned. These inns, which used to be used for both shopping and lodging, are now used as marketplaces for the sale of local textile items. One of the most popular hans in Bursa is Koza Han, where silk is gathered and transformed into wonderful accessories. Koza Han is surrounded by several hans, including the Grand Bazaar and the Jewelers' Bazaar, and is located in the heart of Bursa. Add this destination to your itinerary for a memorable shopping experience in Bursa! Done with visiting the hans and markets? Click here to discover Bursa’s other wonderful destinations to see!

    4. Historical Hammams

    Bursa is known for its mineral-rich subterranean spring waters. That means a visit to a Turkish bath is inevitable. There are countless traditional hamams that have been functioning since a few hundred years. The Çekirge Bath, the Historical Keçeli Kadın Hammam, and the Mahkeme Hammam in Bursa all have remnants of the past on their walls. In these baths, let the hot water relax your body and feel the warmth in your veins! If you want to go the extra mile, get a bubbly massage from the bath attendant to make this experience absolutely unforgettable.

    5. Cumalıkızık

    A trip to Bursa is never complete without visiting Cumalıkızık, a traditional Turkish village that is listed as UNESCO World Heritage thanks to its well-preserved architectural texture and exceptional culture. There is an ethnography museum for the curious travellers to deep dive into the traditional way of living in Bursa.

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