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  • Belek: Paradise Escape of Antalya!

    The meeting point of history, nature and the unique colours of the Mediterranean, Belek is a one-of-a-kind dream of a vacation in the minds and hearts of millions of people. This marvellous scenery, created by hundreds of shades of green in its flora and the blues dancing together, is not just a place of vacation, but a unique summary of the Mediterranean as well. Only a 20-minute drive to Antalya, Belek has a coastline of 17 kilometres and along this coastline, it offers more than 45 facilities with 5 stars, many of which are established on very large expanses of land. An impressive nature of pine forests, a vast beach, excellent golf courses and facilities are here to welcome you to an unforgettable holiday.

    Well known for its rich options for golf, Belek is also home to golf courses which are designed by world-renowned designers. Many golf courses, hand in hand with nature, host countless golf events.

    In a time of change in the understanding of vacation, where people want to have as many experiences as they can, experiencing nature still comes first in every kind of vacation. With its lively nature, rich flora, zoological variety and friendly climate, Belek adds to its value every day as a favourite destination for vacationists. All hotels, each more comfortable than one another, welcome you to stay in all seasons to make you feel like you’re the pearl of the Mediterranean.

    Unmatched beauty and unique experiences, together with many prestigious activities every year, make Belek one of the most prized points of vacation, not just in Türkiye, but in the whole world. The G20 Leaders’ Summit, performed by heads of states and governments from the G20 countries, i.e. the largest 20 economies in the world; Antalya Open, which is one of the seven lawn course tournaments in the world at the level of ATP 250; Turkish Airlines Open Golf tournament, which is regarded as one of the golf events in Europe with the biggest awards; and the Iron 70.3 Türkiye leg of IRONMAN races, which are common points of interest in 92 countries, are only a few of the events held in Belek.

    All Seasons Golf, All Seasons Belek

    One of the dearest towns in Antalya, and also known as “the Paradise on Earth”, Belek is also among the holiday resorts offering services for sports activities. Hosting many sports teams from various fields every season, Belek and the hotels of Belek are also an essential destination in Europe for golf tourism.

    Open for almost 12 months a year for golf thanks to its wonderful climate, Belek is an indispensable centre for golf lovers with its world-standard golf courses, luxurious facilities and an infrastructure which leads Europe in terms of quality. 15 different golf courses and luxurious hotels accompanying them make Belek the ideal destination for golf lovers, where they can explore new courses virtually anytime they wish.

    Belek, welcomes best golfers all through the year, thanks to the suitable climate with an average temperature of 24°C and sunny days which last more than 300 days. Belek, with 15 different golf courses and luxurious hotels close by them, allows golfers to explore new golf courses whenever they want during the year. Golf courses, the airport and the hotels are in the same region; this provides the golfers the opportunity to play golf in different golf courses without loss of time.