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  • 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Türkiye

    From towns on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts to the magical mansions of İstanbul, we have compiled Türkiye’s best romantic holiday destinations for you. Hang on to your hat because these ideas will blow your mind. 

    Let us start first with the far-flung exotic towns of Türkiye that will turn your much-deserved post-wedding getaway into an unforgettable, all-encompassing holiday. 

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    Located in the region which we call the Turkish Riviera or the Turquoise Coast of Türkiye, Belek is famed for its white sandy beaches, pine forests as well its international and Turkish hotels, boutique hotels, and luxury resorts. The many natural wonders of this place as well its ancient Greek past will definitely be your muse during your all-encompassing honeymoon here! 

    The ancient city of Aspendos and Perge also await honeymooners who would say “yes” to making the clichéd “elegance combined with tranquility” honeymoon experience into a more compact, historical adventure. The many golf resorts and surfing schools are a plus if you are interested. Click here to read about honeymoon destinations in Antalya.


    We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said Kemer was the definition of the newly coined word “Instagrammable,” with its breathtaking coastal line, unmatched history and rich Mediterranean cuisine (all the things honeymoon fantasies are made of!).  

    The bliss of these crystal-clear waters, dressed in many shades of blue and turquoise as well as the cotton-white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean are located on the foothills of a mountain 45 kilometers southwest of Antalya. And yes, there is a lift nearby if you would rather get an aerial view! 

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    If you’ve decided that you would mark the coming summer with ‘yes, I do’s, but haven’t yet booked your place for your honeymoon, look no further than Bodrum! 

    Located on the Aegean coastline, the town offers a dizzying mix of historic and architectural marvels, a natural harbor, and a breathtaking coastal town. Its marinas are world-famous, while its coast and resorts offer you the perfect places to start a new chapter in your life. 

    Visit to learn more about Bodrum as a honeymoon destination.


    Your post-wedding holiday is nothing if you don’t spend some of it in the neighborhood of Ölüdeniz! It’s home to some of the best hotels and elegant resorts as well as houses for rent that have the best views! 

    Situated on the foothills of Mount Babadağ, The Butterfly Valley is a boat-trip away from there. Upon this valley, you could just listen to the murmur of the waterfalls with your hand in your beloved’s hands. It’s the perfect way to recharge yourself after the splendid adventure of walking on 350-meter-tall cliffs of Ölüdeniz. 

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    Blue Voyage honeymooners, this one’s for you! Göcek is a great starting point for cruising the Turkish Turquoise Coast and is famed for its eclectic and western fare. 

    If you want to watch the sunset from one of the pearls of the Southern Aegean, Göcek is the place for you. It will definitely mesmerize you with a sea of ineffable beauty, and Cleopatra’s Bay is especially worth your visit.

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    A dream spot for weddings, Marmaris is waiting for you. With its turquoise-infused landscapes, pine forests, and luxury places to stay, Marmaris will seal your lifelong memories with plenty of unforgettable moments. Nothing says “amour” more than this locale! 

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    Çeşme is a magical seaside town where it’s normal to be different. It’s one of the best places where you could spend your post-wedding holiday! The one-of-a-kind hotels of Alaçatı, surrounded by the most dream-like gardens, are the places to have the most magical moments of your life!  

    Is it time already that we get more adventurous than crystal-clear waters and picturesque seascapes?

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    Beneath the world-famous calcite travertines of Pamukkale lies warm and mineral-rich waters heated by volcanic lava. A popular thermal center (since the Roman era) as well as a magical photography spot, Pamukkale will give you the dreamiest moments with its cotton-white landscapes and therapeutic ponds! Spend your honeymoon in Pamukkale and you’ll never forget it.

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    Kapadokya is synonymous with authenticity. It’s the place for you if you are looking for an eclectic getaway as well as a culinary-focused adventure. Aloft or underground, Kapadokya has an adventure to suit every traveler, and it could definitely help you take the best photographs as well as to create the dreamiest memories!   

    Here, you can literally feel like you’re in a piece of heaven, flying on a hot air-balloon in a corner of the valley. Or you can simply stay in cave hotels and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your beloved by your side, your window facing some of the most splendid sunset views you could ever see. 

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    We’re back in Türkiye’s cultural center, İstanbul!

    The only city in the world that crosses two continents, İstanbul is a tourist favorite. It can offer you even more magical experiences if you are a honeymooner, being packed with a body of magical, historic palaces and venues everywhere around it. In addition to offering the most luxurious honeymoon experiences, they would spread out before you the most magical views of the İstanbul Strait.  

    Here, you will become more than a bride and a groom.

    Visit to learn more about İstanbul as a honeymoon destination. 

    Bonus: Lake Salda

    Though a considerably recent discovery, the ever-white sandy beaches of Lake Salda (known as the Maldives of Türkiye) are ever ready to welcome you. Ideal for photographs and sunset watching, you’ll have no trouble creating your dreamiest moments here!

    Visit to learn more about Lake Salda.